American-made energy can help the economy, lower consumer costs, make us more secure, protect the environment and create good-paying jobs. So why are our Presidential candidates failing to talk honestly about the critical role that oil and natural gas must play in America’s future?

We need to push our candidates at all levels to lay out their visions for American energy and it’s up to each and every one of us to hold them accountable. There cannot be a conversation about renewables without acknowledging the role that oil and gas will play in their future. And market driven solutions like natural gas need to be part of the discussion around Climate Change. We can change the conversation, but we have to work together to do it.

In 2016, we need to Vote4Energy and elect candidates who will support:

  • American Energy Leadership—Our nation must continue to lead the world in emissions reductions by increasing the production and use of natural gas.
  • Energy Infrastructure—Decisions on infrastructure projects—such as the Keystone XL pipeline—must be driven by common sense, economic need, and sound science, not ideology.
  • Ending Failed Policies—It's time to put a stop to failed energy policies, such as the Renewable Fuel Standard, a regulation designed to cut greenhouse gas emissions that actually increases them.
  • Expanded Offshore Access—Instead of severely limiting access to our offshore resources like President Obama has done, we need leaders who will expand access to offshore areas for oil and natural gas development.

The bottom line: we must Vote4Energy in November. We need leaders in office who will support strong energy policies and who acknowledge the crucial role that energy development plays in creating jobs, growing the economy, reducing costs, and making our nation more secure. We have to let our candidates know that without real solutions for America’s energy future, they will lose our vote.